Chuck Groom
Entrepreneur, CTO in New York City

About Me

I have 18+ years of experience as a software engineer, entrepreneur, and team builder. I founded and sold two startups (BillMonk, Precision Polling), and built a new 8-figure ARR business at SurveyMonkey (Audience).

I'm a hands-on technical leader who has built software products from the ground up, run large engineering teams, and provided guidance at the executive and board level. I'm motivated by product success and business growth, not technology for technology's sake.

I'm always interested in becoming a better technology leader, and meeting interesting people in NYC.

See my LinkedIn profile for more career details.


  • Founded and sold two software companies.
  • Built an 8-figure ARR business at SurveyMonkey from scratch.
  • Was a bar-raiser at Amazon, conducted 200+ interviews.
  • Presented to Jeff Bezos at Amazon, awarded patent for this work.
  • Chair of technical leadership council as SurveyMonkey grew from 50 to 700 people.
  • Co-founded Seattle Tech Startups group with 2500+ members, honored by GeekWire.
  • Currently Director of Engineering for platform (Frontend, Backend, Dev Ops, and Data) at VTS


My personal interests include:

  • Deep learning. It's an exciting time for machine learning. I'm working through several online classes, and swap articles with collegues.
  • Rapid physical prototyping. I have a Glowforge laser cutter (I was a minor angel investor) and I'm obsessed by the potential of in-home precision tooling.
  • Creating things in general. I've always been into woodworking, gardening, software, and hardware; I'm constantly seeking out new projects.

Current Job (VTS)

  • Championed engineering values process
  • Revised career ladder
  • Managed front-end team as we migrated from AngularJS to React
  • Oversaw switch to CircleCI

Outsite Work

Other Things

  • Built a kayak.
  • Re-purposed a greenhouse into a pagoda.
  • Published a video game (Spiked) when I was a teenager.

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